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We have no puppies available at this time. Thanks.
A breeding is planned for this Fall 2012.

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    All puppies are from Champion lines, wormed, vaccinated and checked by our Vet. Puppies  can go to their new homes around nine weeks of age .
   Each puppy is guaranteed and comes with a five generation pedigree and written contract.
All our puppies are sold on non-breeding contracts and spaying and neutering is required on our dogs not intended for breeding or showing.
   Dobermans are energetic and require alot of exercise, a fenced yard is preferred.
Please be advised that it is no longer legal to have dockingof tails, croppingof ears or dew claw removal done in the province of Nova Scotia


Family raised, well socialized puppies to approved homes only.


Mailbox, Spinning

    When emailing please let me know whether you are looking for a male or female. What color preference you have.  How many children in the home as well as ANY other pets. If you have had a dog before, what your plans will be for the puppy/dog as he/she grows and If you have a fenced yard.
    Doberman Pinscher's are large dog's with lots of energy, not to mention they are Very intelligent. Obedience training is a MUST.  Just because you want a Doberman Pinscher and can have one doesn't necessairily mean you should. They can be alot of dog for an inexperienced handler.  But with proper training, exercise, diet and socialization any Doberman can make a loving family companion and friend.


Buyer beware the Breeder Who tells only of his best. Take the time to ask him, What happened to all the rest. 

The ribbons and trophies you see, 
Tell part of a little story. 
But there's more to a good dog.
Then ribbons, trophies and glory. 

Breeder beware the Buyer Who loudly does proclaim, How he loves the puppy, 
But will keep it on a chain. 

Puppy beware them both 
The Breeder who only seeks fame 
The Buyer who would destroy you 
By keeping you on a chain. 

By...Carol Kufner


  Also check other Doberman Pinscher breeders and local All Breed Kennel Club sites for information. These are invaluable tools for researching the breed.



Paula Dominey
 29 Ward Rd. Coleman Cove, NS
B0J 1T0
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