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   Amino Kennels is located in Coleman Cove, along the scenic South Shore of Nova Scotia.
   Our kennel was registered with the Canadian Kennel Club in 1993.  Doberman Pinschers were in my family long before this date (1987). Being my personal passion, since the age of 4, I remember looking up into the brown eyes of a red male dobe and was truly smitten. To this day I always make sure to have a red male in my home.
   My first doberman was from an animal shelter.  He was due to be euthanized for attacking and killing two other dogs.  I was originally looking for a puppy, after the passing of my beloved 15 year old mixed breed. I had just turned 19, and was living with my mother at the time. She was not impressed, to say the least, but even she couldn't resist the gentleness of this animal. He looked truly pittiful, he was under 50 lbs. He was a blue dobe and had all of the problems that go along with the color, including skin and coat problems. He was almost completely bald. Apollo still had open wounds from the dog fight that put him in the shelter. I rushed him to the vet, the same night I brought him home and he confirmed that he had pneumonia. I spent a considerable amount of money on this dog in the first 2 years I had him, to the tune of $10,000.00, and he was worth every penny. Apollo was approximately 3 years old when I got him and he lived a very much cherished life until he was diagnosed with wobblers disease (CVI) at the age of 81/2 years. I still miss him every day!
   Before Appollo's passing, I had been going to dog shows for about two years , just to admire the magnificant dobes in the ring. When I started to research breeders, my friends who were lab breeders, gave me the name of an excellent kennel in Quebec. And the rest, as they say is history!!

My Mother Pearl Taylor and our original two Dobermans. Cody & Tia. ( In Memory of Pearlie, Co & TT)


   Soon after this, I had my very own bouncing baby boy (Yes, he was red). Canadian Champion Bacari Irish Mist De Baviere (call name "Cody").I handled and trained "Cody" myself, and those who knew him...loved him! His gentle, compassionate nature and his aloof "everything is good" attitude made him a joy to be with. Apollo and Cody were the best of buddies after Apollo showed him who was boss, of course.Cody truly missed the old guy when he passed.
   Our home is now occupied by generations of our first two original show dogs, Canadian Champion Bacari Irish Mist De Baviere (call name "Cody") and Canadian Champion Abuca Brilliante De Baviere(call name "Tia).



  Also check other Doberman Pinscher breeders and local All Breed Kennel Club sites for information. These are invaluable tools for researching the breed.



Paula Dominey
 29 Ward Rd. Coleman Cove, NS
B0J 1T0
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